Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Staying in

So where will you go for berbuka?” asked a friend.

Admittedly, I don’t really fancy having iftar outside. Over the years I developed the liking of dining at the comfort of our home. This year I have been lucky. My schedule is quiet and thus, I manage to cook almost on daily basis.

Unlike the usual food galore we have back home, ours consists of a main meal and two types of desserts. I try to prepare something special over the weekend or cater to the requests from close friends. So far, we had ayam percik, steamed seabass thai style, pulut kuning and rendang. Weekdays are simpler, with a touch of international fusion.

My next challenge is to make Malaysian delicacies as I don’t think they are hard to do (as texted by one of you). The young lady is looking forward to this experiment. Hmm, I wonder if it turns out well, maybe I can do this as a side income? The going rate for a piece of Malaysian delight is 50p!

Have I gone soft, for just wanting to have iftar at home? I rather host dinner for friends than having our meal outside. I know it is tiring i.e. cooking for a group of people, but probably for just one month, I'd like to stay in.

Somehow I feel the young lady appreciates it too. It reminds me of the saying 'a family that eats together stays together'



Inah said...

i like the that eat together will stay together..

if u search @ myresipi, there's a lot of resipi for Malaysian kuih and it's not that hard :)

selamat berbuka MsB..hope one day I can be your guest :)

plain_jane said...

i bet you must be good at cooking :)

'a family that eats together stays together'

i'll remember that :)

thanks Ms B. happy cooking :)

D said...

i think as years pass by, we feel more comfortable in our own territories & naturally stay home more.

being abroad makes one more experimental in the kitchen. come on, have the 2 of you got your aprons ready? ;)

Ms B said...


I was introduced to that website recently. All these while I have been using for tips.

Anyway, it is not about the baking, but more of the number of people to share the goodies. There are only two of us! If I want to make one, probably it needs to be on a weekend and pass some to friends.

Ms B said...


I am not exactly a good cook but I can prepare decent meals. so far, even if they are on trial and error basis, they turn out ok.

as long as the young lady is happy, I feel content. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

lucky u! and here i am wishing for quiet time at home ;)

Hazia said...

I prefer breaking fast at home too. Too rushing for prayers if dining out. We only eat out when my parents are in town and my father wants to have a buffet:)

Ms B said...


yeah.. think so. just feel at ease.

And yup. we did it alright. Turned ok but we didnt have green colouring. so it was brown kuih bakar. yum yum!

Ms B said...


It's different here dear. I'm sure i'll be pressured to go out if I were there. There are plenty Malaysian/halal cuisines around my area within walking distance but I'm not fussed. After a long day at work, all I want is to head home and rest.

Ms B said...

hi hazia,

I will think twice to go for buffet bcos i know I cant stuff much, unless they have the dishes that I love. Then I will make room for more in my tummy. *grins*

IDB said...

i have to admit, i dont know how to make any kuih melayu- teruk kan ? i always end-up buying readymade desserts.

but when it comes to meals, i love to entertain at home too- though im not a good cook! hee

looking at your previous menu, ayam percik will be on my menu next once i get hold of serai! thanks for the idea..

Ms B said...


Sama lah kita. I'm sure it can be done but I think it is the lack of effort.

Entertaining at home is an easier option for people with kids. It can be hectic but it is within our comfort zone.

Hey, u need to give me some ideas too. I remembered your nasi ayam posting and decided to do such a few days ago.