Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Stalker & Shopaholic

Someone who follows or observes (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement. (source:

Have you ever been stalked? It could be anyone and for whatever reason. Maybe you have a die-hard admirer or fan (curse those beautiful skin and hair!). Or perhaps someone is in denial that you are not into him or her. Then, you have another type of stalkers; the one who dates or previously dated someone you know or close to you.

I am sure we have our own ‘leeches’ lurking around. I do not comprehend why they do so as I’m sure they have better things to do than getting the latest gossips or updates of our life (What is her latest handbag? What car is she using? Who’s her latest beau? Etc.) Perhaps they would like a slice of this lifestyle but they simply forget that one needs to go through much hurdle to be where we are, or we are just good planners and able to enjoy some comfort in life.

Once I was told that someone was checking me out when she heard the guy she used to date was about to meet me. We haven’t even met yet and it could probably end up as a lousy date (it didn’t, thankfully). Yikes! Just because we hanged out, it didn’t mean we were into each other. Besides, if the guy was on a dating spree (and probably so was I), should you be checking each girl that he was meeting?

Also, I think it’s a bit extreme if you take the possession of your other half’s mobile and start calling the women on his contact list, telling them to stay away from your beau. For all you know the ladies are happily married with kids or in a long term relationship and your man is simply their best buddy. They have known him way much longer that you do, probably during the time when he was a geek wearing spectacles and with pimples on his face. It doesn’t make sense when you start harassing the girls with constant texting and calling. Some of us do have a life (and a job to keep up with). Just because they are close, do you really think they want a piece of him? Besides, since you are young and energetic, with a whopping 10 years of age gap, that should give you an edge compare to the rest of us who are in our blooming years. If this behaviour exists before tying the knot, I wonder how much it will escalate after.

Some people need to take a reality check.

Now on a lighter topic, for those shopaholics, Vogue editors are hosting a shopping night in 13 countries tomorrow. Here's a summary of what London will offer (full article can be found here:
Confessions of Vogue's Shopaholics.):

At Browns on South Molton Street, Marios Schwab, Roksanda Ilincic and William Tempest will all be pitching in as personal stylists on the night.

Go to Gap on Oxford street for a live performance by VV Brown, complimentary styling advice, beer, burgers, and the chance to by a limited-edition pair of jeans.

At LK Bennett (Regent Street, Sloane Street, or Bruton Street) guests will have the chance to design, and win, their own perfect pair of heels. At Burberry on Bond Street, the Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman will host a party from 6pm, and Burberry fans including Amber Le Bon, Laura Bailey, Lily Cole, Antonio Berardi and Jonathan Saunders will be browsing the store.

Head to Marks & Spencer on Oxford Street to take in four catwalk shows, and then on to Selfridges, where Agent Provocateur is launching a new collection and there’s the chance to win a £1,000 shopping spree.



IDB said...

Don't tell me there is a pathetic soul stalking you out there ? They really need a life, I've had my share and they weren't nice.

ps: I don't think Dublin's partipating. I think it's Vogue's way of boosting their new movie 'The September Issue' which I am soo looking forward to :D

Ms B said...


Thankfully I only had the "tempias" as I think it was costly for that person to do much damage (location wise). However, someone I know was given full blast harassment. We were gobsmacked!

But then again we are talking a 20 something girl here.

eh, hang on. There is a movie??? How did i miss that? Must read it again.

toughcookie said...

when it comes to the topic of stalking someone, it has always been a joke between me and acat that i was his stalker hehe... simply because that was (almost) what i did when i started reading his blog - and always wondering when i could bump into him in klcc or keep checking out his blog almost every hour for updates ;P

Anonymous said...

Too many ways to stalk now with the WWW, which is even scarier!

I didn't know about that movie too, so you're not the only one Ms B! ;)

Naz said...

I have a picture of you in my blog. I hope you don't mind :)

Ms B said...


Ala, mana aci compare you & acat. Your stalking turned out to be a fairytale! Plus, I dont think Acat minded to be stalked by a lovely lady. *winks*

If I were to do the stalking, I bet the guy will run for his life. *lol*

Ms B said...


I am so bad when it comes to movie updates. I hardly have time to watch tv, except for those that I love.

Oh yes, stalking has become much easier with WWW. lately I have many "googling" my place.

Ms B said...


Thank you for the pic. I look so posh! *grins* The pose really suits me. *lol*

thanks honey for the mention!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms i cyber stalker...hehehehee...happy eid soon to you and little B...;-)

darlene said...

once had someone who kept calling me, pestering me to email stuffs etc, and wouldn't leave me everytime we bumped into each other in a party / event. awkward and obnoxious. because we know common people and there's a possibility to bumped into each other again.
i've never emailed back. still speak politely but always limit the conversation. has many times used the "i need to go to the..." or "my phone just rang" when i saw him walking towards me. i waved and gesturing that i'm on the phone and would never return...
gosh... part of the story la.

Ms B said...

Hi danial,

*grins* I stalk u too, didnt u know?

Thanks for the wish! we have been busy with the preparation. enjoy the yummy food back home.

Ms B said...


I know the feeling. I think I'm pretty much safe as I am on this part of the planet. *lol*

But i like your tricks. Must remember to do so when needed.