Friday, August 21, 2009

Giddy-up horsie

Picture from wiki

The young lady wasn’t in the pink of health for a week but being her, she begged profusely to go to the horse-riding trip on Thursday. I had a dilemma, whether to let her rest at home or proceed as planned. Since her fever was very mild i.e. 37 degrees and her cough had stopped, I decided to let her go (obviously with guilt stuck down in my throat). I told myself that I would deal with the consequences later (but deep down I prayed that everything would turn out ok).

Oh boy! She had loads of fun! She couldn’t stop talking about it from the moment the nanny picked her up until I came home later that evening. Her horse goes by the name of Penny. It wasn’t like the typical slow ride we get at the zoos or funfairs (I told her I rode one when I was about her age during my trip to the National Zoo back home). She described the speed of the ride and her butt hurt because of the galloping. Oh, they had to wear those rider boots. She had to wear a few size bigger as there were none in hers.

and no mummy, horses dont understand ‘giddy-up horsie’. They wont move if we say that”, she said.

Ok.. mummy learnt something new. *grins*

I supposed the magic of the ponies somehow cured her as she is definitely much better.

Anyway, both of us would like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan! Someone has started today, no? *winks*



darlene said...

hey selamat berpuasa to both of you too

n.i. said...

Happy Ramadhan 2 u 2!!!

Glad she's ok...

Naz said...

Salam Ramadan, MsB and MiniB :)

IDB said...

you can never separate little girls and horses! was she born in the year of the horse ?

i was into horses too but of course i never had one of my own - had to settle with 'my little pony' back then when i was 6. still keep them till today, well hidden from my nieces! hehe.

glad little B is feeling better!

PS: strange that dublin is celebrating eid a day earlier than london

Jumper said...

Great that she is well now. I guess thing that makes us happy can really cures us.

Ramadhan Kareim.

Kak Teh said...

salam ramadhan Ms B and the lil one...hope to see you at the usual place one of these nights.

Ms B said...

Darlene, n.i & Naz,

Thank you and selamat berpuasa to u!

Ms B said...


Oppss! I am unsure which year she was born(zodiac wise).

She indeed had a great time. I couldnt remember if i was into horses myself but at the moment, we 'have' 3 ponies (and I think 1 unicorn) just in front of our place. Everytime we go out, we'll take them along. *smiles*

Hmm, indeed it is strange. Maybe it was easier to sight the moon from where you are.

Ms B said...


Salam ramadan to you too! She was determined to get better for the trip.

I hope you had a nice trip back home. I assume you are now back to your workplace.

Ms B said...


Salam ramadan to u. as for our usual encounters during this holy month, it is quite challenging as isya is late and inconvenient for the young lady. she keeps asking tho.

I hope your sayang mama has found his way home. merajuk lah tuh. maybe Tabby needs home-cooked meal too.

Anonymous said...

good to hear she's so much better after the 'giddy-up horsie!'

salam ramadhan to you and the l'il one, Ms B... tak balik raya ke? ;)

Cosmic_GurL said...

Selamat Berpuasa to you darl...the horses or rather animals at Zoo negara are reallly sad looking la...kesian tengok...

Ms B said...


It clashed with school term, so we never go back. Maybe next year insya-allah.

Kids, nak baik punya pasal, cepat recover. *lol*

Ms B said...


I think the animals back home are dehydrated and not enough food! *lol*

Salam ramadan to u too.