Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bimbo moment

The more evolved we are, the more complex our way of thinking.

I recently purchased a dvd player. The old one, which was by the way integrated with the TV, was not functioning well. It had glitches occasionally. Well, many times I must say that I got bloody irritated. As I was emotionally unstable, I thought it was a good thing to make the purchase (women and hormones. Excuses to get new things).

So the young lady and I enjoyed a few hours of dvd reruns in our living room. The other TV is in my bedroom. The TV in the living room is bigger and err... nicer. The young lady couldnt get enough of the quality of the picture and sound.

However, another glitch occurred. While trying to reconnect to my digital box set, all the channels seemed to have lost. I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. I thought the problem was due to the main antenna and maybe an indoor stand-alone or reception booster could do the trick.

Obviously I was fuming mad and feeling frustrated, thinking once again on why these things keep occurring.

So I left the problem for awhile. It was best not to think of it and ruin the lovely weekend.

It was only late Sunday evening when I was compelled on putting the dvd player and digital box side-by-side instead of on top of one another. Somehow, miraculously the channels were back.
To even think that I would have spent on those additional costs (indoor antenna, booster, tv technician) for nothing when the solution to my problem was downright simple.

Or perhaps I had one of those bimbo-moments, minus the blonde hair and stilettos.

*Ms B is currently competing with Sneezy, the dwarf in Snow White, blowing her nose like there is no tomorrow. She tries to hide herself from the view of her colleagues, who think she ought to go home and give herself a break.*



n.i. said...

sneezy vs coughy hehehe i am on MC again!

take care babe!

Ms B said...

aduhai n.i. sakit lagi ke? I think i hv hayfever ie allergy cos i dont hv fever/sore throat. just irritating sneeze!!!

try minestrone (soup with mixed vege/pasta).

take care yeah.

plain_jane said...


wave interference i presume? hehe..

me too here sneeze all the time. no coughing just the sneeze. and the nose is sooo itchy.

get well soon everyone ;)

Naz said...

Hello! don't forget those huge plastic earrings! huhu :D

Ms B said...


I have no clue. Pelik bin ajaib. heheheh...

anyway, congratulations! It's definitely a good news.

Ms B said...


wa wa wa.. kalau pasal bimbo equivalent posting, laju jer. kuang kuang kuang.

Hmm, i should really try those huge earrings. *grins*

IDB said...

tried leaving a comment earlier during the day but i think i wasnt successful in doing so!

happy ramadhan to you and little B, dublin starts fasting tomorrow 21/08.

speedy recovery and you must be enjoying your new tv which i assume is a flatscreen ;D

Ms B said...


salam ramadan to u too. actually, our set at home is more or less like what you have (based on your pic). glass tv stand, gadgets etc. :-)