Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was tagged by inah.

Rules of the tag:
1.Take a recent picture of yourself OR take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.
5. Tag people to do this.

However, due to confidentiality, she was kind enough to amend the rules for my sake. So here it goes Inah, a picture of a book in my collection:

Anyone wants to have a go with the tag? Probably Jane, Darlene, CG, n.i. or momster (have you recovered from your jet lag dear?).

*Mini B was feeling under the weather a few days ago but it didn't stop her from going to school and attending her swimming lesson. She also got a new pair of knee high boots from Russell & Bromley. Mummy said they were on sales, cheaper than Clarks. Oh, apparently Boxing day sales will start a week early for some shops. Mini B hopes mummy dearest wont ask her to tag along.*


Inah said...

THE BOOK!!!! i wish i can read it now :(

boxing day is early..waahh..enjoy ur shopping :)

hugs to mini B :D

Anonymous said...

hi ms. b! :)
i think my latest photo in my blog should already qualify for the tag kot... hahaha... malas punya pasal!

jet lag's not too bad luckily... woke up later than usual during the weekend, even managed to doze off in the car which is very rare for me :P

btw, you shouldn't have any exception from the tag la... tak aci!

and boots from russel & bromley... she's lucky! btw, i didn't get my handbag... boohoohoo... no time at all! my best purchase was only a thomas sabo bracelet with 'shopping victim' stamped on a cute handbag charm ;)

Ms B said...

inah dear,

do get the book! I highly recommend it. Well, I find it useful, which is why i try to get my friends to read it.

ha ah. boxing day starts early. market is slow, hence they plan to have it earlier.

Ms B said...

momster darling,

*big hugs* gosh! miss your presence and your updates. I can sense u had fun there. Glad to know dear.

*grins* ala, takpe la. aci lah kan? ok lah kan. *begging momster with a sweet smile*

The thing about UK is that the sales can be unbelievable. I was told last nite that apparently coach is sold at TKmexx for £60 (originally £200++). In fact, there was a pair of armani boots for kids selling at £40!

Oh, "shopping victim"? no pics??

darlene said...

oh no--the the scariest tag on earth has arrived.

Ms B said...


u can amend the tag accordingly like i did.

n.i. said...

opppsss... i missed this one...

alamak.. kena tag.. hehehehe... ummm... i hate to take a pic of myself.. hehehehe