Monday, November 03, 2008

The hot date

The top question for today was, "Any dates with yummy men this week?"

OMG!!! I couldn’t believe myself when I saw the incoming texts from a few friends. I thought women were more interested in handbag than candy men. Mrs Cooper, the 1st person I called to share my latest steal was interested in my love life (not that I have one. She meant the dates of course). It is not that she didn’t care about the handbag. Mind you, she has been persuading me to get them for ages. She knows me too well when it comes to spending for myself, hence explains why she always reminds me to splurge.

Despite telling the girls of the bag, they were all interested in yummy men. Hey, it's not like as if I get hot dates all the time. Besides, I have other things to do such as reading (I bought 2 books but they are still untouched), completing this DVD box set, watching my favourite TV shows etc. FYI, I have declined dates in the past simply because they clashed with my favourite series.

I will choose the TV and sofa over a candy man anytime (unless of course if he doesn’t mind coming over and watch it with me, preferably with a bucket of ice cream). *winks*

In case you are wondering, my date for tonight is:


Anonymous said...

we can get handbags anytime you know, but not yummy men! hehehe...

lil Happy me! said...

On top of being "yummy", date-able men are rare species. I would rather wait to date a man who can talk with me, instead those who impose their thoughts on me. Sounds familiar?

P.S - I love Mr Pitt too.. care to share?

plain_jane said...

i'm sure any candy man is more than willing to watch tv at ur place and share the ice cream ;)

hv a nice day ahead :)

D said...

dah merajuk.. dont want to type in my comment for the umpteenth time! :( (yes, must be the template coz i also chose the same style when you couldnt leave your comment the other day, remember?)


but do tell me, so what did you watch with my ex up there last night?

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Ms B,

Hey, you have a good head over your shoulders there young girl...Now that's what I call a girl who gets her priorities right! Tv shows must definitely win over any dates..he he, even Brad sometimes!! LOL!

Ms B said...


but it's a bargain!!! u could never get the current season collections at that price. not to mention the sales were for the day only. it is like we say in malay, "langkah kanan". *grins*

I have crazy friends (& now bloggers) *lol*. any yummy men posting always attracts more readers. *winks*

Ms B said...

hi lil happy me,

thanks for dropping by! Oh tell me about it. Been there and usually, never 2nd dates for those "men".

Thankfully these candy men are not only just yummy, they can talk & listen (plus take the crap from me). *rotfl*

ps: i'm done with mr pitt. Glad to handover. Too hot to handle. *winks*

Ms B said...

Hi plain jane,

how I wish! I dont have to hassle and think of what to wear (as u know, we women take forever to decide the outfit). I can easily be in my PJs. *lol*

Hmm, do u think it is too much if I ask him to bring mocha too? *grins*

hv a nice day!

Ms B said...

D dear,

alaaa... jgnlah merajuk. Blogger envies the yummy men posting, knowing how much the ladies enjoy it. *lol* Hence, it is being temperamental.

Oh, u know. the usual. sexy & kinky. *rotfl* Do u want him back? BUt I just hand him over to lil happy me.

Ms B said...

Ruby dear,

OMG!! It's been ages since u came here. my fault too as I have been moving my home a few times. *smiles*

anyway, of course i hv to prioritise. i wouldnt want to miss the sexy men on the telly. I think the brain stimulates better by them than some of the actual candy men. *lol* It is like we say, "u may have the looks but probably no GPS to a woman's mind, body and soul". *rotfl*

So again, telly, books, dvds.

hugs & kisses from both of us.

Hazia said...

Interesting.... keep them coming;)
And oh ya, I need a new handbag...

Ms B said...

hi hazia,

keep what coming? *winks* yummy men posting? *lol*

U keep well!