Monday, November 24, 2008


Brennan: Wait, you said that in books you could find the real world version.
Booth: Yeah, well, I mean, if you know you, it's pretty obvious.
Brennan: Well, give me an example.
Booth: Ok. Well, in your book, your partner is a former Olympic boxer who graduated from Harvard and spoke six different languages. In real life, you've got me.
Brennan: So what you're saying is that reality falls far, far short of fictional.
Booth: Yeah, thanks a lot, Bones.

I blog because of I love writing. I suppose it is something that I have in common with my mother. She is good with literature, at par with Kak Teh I reckon. I am nowhere like my mother or in blog's world, Kak Teh, D, NJ or Pugly. They write extremely well and I love their selection of words.

I may not be as good or as "femes" (copyright from Kak Teh) as them, but hey, it doesn't stop me from writing. I love keeping my readers entertained, even if it requires me to do some research despite having a corporate jet-setting career (courtesy from NJ) and being a single parent. Some are my own recollections and as every writer, we have to squeeze our creative juice so that the readers have a feel of the story.

So if you read my blog and think that my real life is far short from what I write, then just stop coming! Besides, I thought in blogosphere, one is entitled to each opinion. As a dear friend said, "some people have this PhD attitude." (no offence to D, Inah or LilHappyMe. She wasn't referring to the doctorate certificate. *winks*).

Instead of spending time here, why dont you do yourself a favour by doing something more beneficial such as reading self help books or related to your job, taking a course or whatever. Besides, as I always say to others:


*Ms B is thankful that she has selective amnesia. She wonders why some people think that they are still in high school.*
updated at 2300:
Thank you for the sms (feel guilty after reading ur post today. yet u still made time for me) and the brownies all the way from aussie. Not to mention Ms Versatile who got back from work at 10pm and still picked up the phone. She reckons I should get a new pair of shoes. *LOL* So yeah, I am feeling fine.


Akmal said...

Our blog, our say, our rights!
Long live bloggers!

Inah said...

ms B..wat kills u makes u stronger right?

well, i loved ur blog and ur music selection so much!!

sometimes i just can i write something like msB..oh well, point here is i really love ur blog..i DO :)

D said...

heHehe... PhD is the acronym to many things, not only Doctor of Philosophy, but also the most common: Perasaan Hasad Dengki. It's also Piled Higher and Deeper, and a few others I can't presently recall.

Hey, you write well and you can write whatever that makes you happy - after all, we dont write anti-whoever blogs, neither do we side any political party. after all, didn't somebody once say, bloggers are liars? let us lie then..! ;)nobody is forced to believe or be convinced of what we write!

pugly said...

It's highly amusing how everyone seems to be quaking in their boots with the rise of this new anti-hero :-)

plain_jane said...

hi MS B..

i love stopping by at your blog.. i'm amazed by how people like you can actually transform what's in your head into these beautiful beautiful beautiful words. even your anger and frustration in this blog sings melodious song :)


we can never move on if we are to take everything into account ;)

Anonymous said...

i like your blog too Ms B! Indeed, ignorance is bliss! ;)

darlene said...

what funny is we (may) always complain about not having enough time in a day. yet we still have the time to say mean things to others! LOLS.

yes ms b, ignorance is a bliss.

n.i. said...

hmmm... i guess u dah jadi victim lalat2 yang datang menghinggap... just ignore them... continue blogging!!! take care!

Cosmic_GurL said...

U mean there are ppl out there who criticise what u write in your own blog?? It's yr blog for heaven sakes...

Just ignore them Ms. B...You can't please everyone :)

Ms B said...

Hi akmal,

*grins* do we have an activist in the house? Thank you for the wise words.

Ms B said...

Inah dear,

Oh no! You do realise sometimes I ramble, esp when my state of mind is questionable. *lol*

as I said, I am not as good or as creative as some people out there but we all try our best to make blogging fun. all i know is that, when i post anything related to candy men, there will be a sudden increase in guests. *grins*

Ms B said...


The irony is, it was a PhD holder who explained the term to me! *lol* I have heard about it so much but no clue what it meant. And 'piled higher and deeper'???

Oh yes, how can i forget that. I remember KT was upset with the whole thing and so did her fellow "sisters". This is not a popularity contest for crying out loud! Why do some people love to cherry pick our postings and not look at the BIGGER picture?

Perhaps I should take that train ride and help myself with Little D's bday cake. *winks*

Ms B said...


I think it's like a flu, highly contagious and spreading fast. some people think that they are the 'guru' when it comes to blogging. What makes it more annoying is that they are the same people who dislike being criticised. Practice what you preach! otherwise, stop complaining.

and yeah, thanks for the advice. Too late I guess but hey, life's experience, right?

Ms B said...

Hi Jane,

Wow! I had to pause for a while when I read your sentence. Thank you for the kind words. err, do you think I have a chance to write songs as well? *winks*

Some people live in the past. They forget after more than a decade, people do change. Those plain janes or johns are now probably do better than others. We make it a point to develop ourselves and be a better person. It is all about positive thinking.

Ms B said...

momster darling,

*lol* yeah I know. My trademark. I think even your friends notice that in ur blog.

and I stalk ur blog! so keep them coming! *winks*

ps: babe, best apa jadi Gwen? Glamer kan? *grins*

Ms B said...


couldnt have said it better. *winks* It amuses me that some people have the time to criticise others, as if it is their personal crusade.

Maybe they should revisit the meaning of blogging. *grins*

Ms B said...


u call them lalat, i call them leeches. *winks* The irony is, they contradict themselves (this was actually highlighted by a friend). They get pissed off when people criticise them, yet they feel they have the luxury to say about others. *rolling eyes*

Oh well, as I said, ignorance is a bliss. *smiles*

Ms B said...


*LOL* I know. This blog who talks about her rambling thoughts, her days with the lil one, the candy men (which I know you ladies love to read). No dirt or juicy stuffs, which we all know will attract more readers.

Yet, people try to find things to talk about my blog. They just cherry pick without looking at the bigger picture.

Yes i know. I am not here to please anyone and I dont do so in reality anyway. So it's ok CG. I shall continue to write.