Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ginger bread man

I’m done for today and it’s only 4pm. My report is due at 4.30pm (first draft). Nothing much I can do anyway since I don’t have access to the rest of the information. Going to review the stuffs next week. Guess I’m going home early tonight (was expecting to be working late).

My girl made me a ginger bread man! Yup! Like the ones in Shrek. She decorated it, with smarties chocolate and icing pen. I had it for tea just now. It was as big as my palm! She actually told me to show it off at office (which I did. My secretary thought it was so sweet of her to do so).

Did my long overdue waxing (at home of course). When you are a mom (in my case, a working single mom), it’s just hard to find time for yourself. My routine starts at 7am and ends at 10-12 pm, sometimes way past midnight if I have to continue work at home. This week, I’ve been making sandwich and boiled sweetcorn for my girl’s packed lunch. Today, I even made fried rice for my own lunch (there were some leftovers. Might as well bring it to work). I try to make it a point to put some time for myself once a month, either for body pampering, shopping for my own things (which usually ends up with her stuffs), coffee with friends, etc. It’s also her time to catch up with her friends as they go to different schools. They will compare notes, exchange gossips ie who is the cutest boy in their class.

Despite my rush to complete this report, I Googled TD during lunch time. Hehhehe… I was surprised that it came out a few, most in his language which I couldn’t comprehend. Well, not really that surprised since he was actually quite prominent in his profession back home. But the best part was I got his picture! Hahahhaha… Published by the university. I get to see his course-mates, mostly investment bankers. There are only 30 of them I think. He looks good (ehheheh… bias again). Well, he always looks good in a suit.

Thinking what to do this weekend. Ms Alchemist suggests that I watch Casino Royale. I’m not a fan of James Bond movies. I only watch it because of Pierce Brosnan. :P This week’s Ghost Whisperer was kind of eerie, to be continued next week.

Also, this year I shall attend the department’s/firm’s Christmas dinner. Thus, I shall find a dress. I’m sure the first person who will look forward shopping for my dress will be none other than my girl. I’m sure that she will look forward to see me dressing up. Speaking of dresses, once I saw a lovely maroon dress from Monsoon. It’s actually for kids aged 13+. My friends persuaded me to try but I was sceptical (I didn’t think I’d fit). Surprise surprise! I did! And yes it was lovely… (and hell lot cheaper).


darlene said...

ms b,
casino royale & quantum of solace will change your mind.
*trying to convince another soul that bond is watch-able and daniel craig rocks*

Ms B said...


*lol* i shall try and watch.