Monday, November 13, 2006

Flying fairies

Third day being sick.

I finally decided to give myself a break. Called my director, said I’m unwell. Went to see the doc. She gave me antibiotics and MC for today. I know I cant possibly sleep. Might as well fill up my blog.

When I went back a few months ago, I asked my little bro to compile some malay songs. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to listen to it until today. He knows the type of songs that I’d like to hear. He also has good fashion sense. I love shopping with my bro!

Ok. So things like that make me miss home. I have nothing against going back. But I’m tired meeting people’s expectation. Life is so simple here. Maybe because I only focus on how to make my life with the little one better.

Why people like to make things difficult? Why people like to make things hard on others? Why people can be so selfish?

Daddy was complaining about some things. I told him, I will try to remember to do that on the little one, among other things I have to remember. I have been raising her since she was born, 90% by myself, trying my best to be a good mom. Why do people love to comment or criticise? Why cant they see beyond the picture?

Why cant they feel and proud that I managed to pursue my chartered profession while raising a baby (with an absent husband) and working 60-80 hours a week? Why cant they appreciate I got myself a good job with a big firm in a big city (despite being a single parent)?

Things like these make me nuts to go back. Hell! Never mind. People will continue with their way. I cant stop them from criticising and complaining. I know whatever I say, it will fall on deaf ears. No one listens nor help. So why bother? I’ll be wasting my energy. I should focus my mind on happy thoughts like planning that Disneyland trip with the little one. She said, ‘we can see fairies flying at Disneyland, mummy’. Hmmm, I cant seem to make her think otherwise.

So for now, I believe there are fairies flying in Disneyland! Keep things simple yeah!

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