Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture equation

I am trying my best to avoid being this:
and this:

but it seems challenging. Maybe a cup of lemsip and a good night sleep will do the trick, as well as minimising human interaction.

Hmm, perhaps Edward Cullen and Jacob can kick some feel-good factor. Eh, I forgot. I thought I fancied Paul more.

Definitely it is time for stress reliever.

*Ms B is glad that her mini B made a speedy recovery after 2 days of high fever. She's truly a super girl.*


darlene said...

it's hard to believe that taylor lautner is only 17. and after changing my mind for like 14 times i think i'm still team edward ms b.

Jumper said...

Though cute and cuddly they could be, you don't deserve the comparison to those dwarfs. Sleep and dream well this winter, like the sleeping beauty. I think that's what you need the most to make you feel better. Now that she's OK, get your super girl to sing you the sweet lullaby...

Ms B said...


*lol* i didnt know we have to choose team. can i form my own and pick the hot-looking ones, be it vampire or werewolves?

seriously, this twilight/new moon business is the talk of the town.

Ms B said...

with the weather we are having at the moment, catching a flu is quite a norm. the workload does not make it easier.

at least the holiday is not long now. looking forward to that.