Sunday, June 07, 2009

Of a wooden box

Imagine you are walking in a park when suddenly you stumble upon a wooden box. It looks like just another ordinary storage with a latch attached but no sign of a lock. It seems it has been there for a while, with no visible marks of being touched or handled. The plants have grown fond of the box, making it a friend of theirs. They keep it warm with their cuddles and when the sun shines, they act as the shade. It seems the box is well looked after.

Yet somehow you are so intrigued by the whole picture. Perhaps the absence of the lock leads you to think that this was once a treasured box. Your mind starts lurking on what lies inside. There could be valuable stuff but after a period of abandonment, it couldn’t be possible. Yet you still cant resist the temptation. The desire to look what’s inside or just to touch the box escalates.

All we could think of that there must be something wrong with it for being left there.

Why cant we see that the box merely wants to be left alone? Perhaps it has found a home, where it can just enjoy the rain and sunshine. It gets to watch people walk by, instead of being used as storage. Perhaps it is now free from keeping all those memorable events, be it good or bad. It is free from the emotional dramas.

Why do we love to probe into things that probably aren’t there to begin with?

Sometimes the absence of “excitement” may not necessarily mean that the person’s life has gone haywire. Maybe the roller coaster has been replaced by other things which serve better purpose or occupy more space.

Or perhaps that person is simply living life to the fullest, contrary to what people think.


Anonymous said...

negativity always comes into picture first ya?

... and some people's idea of 'excitement' may differ from others too! :)

D said...

tsk..tsk... analogy upon analogy, metaphor upon metaphor. All so deep. :)

Life is full of chances to take. To leave the box behind might be a waste. So perhaps, linger around and observe... does it need a new home, a hand at pulling off the weeds and keeping the termites away?? One can only try, no?

Have a good week ahead babes!

Ms B said...


Indeed! :D Sometimes when I dont hear from people for ages, I just assume they are busy, esp those who live in KL.

and you are spot on the definition of excitement! it so happens that the person enjoys other things which probably are deemed as dull by others. Yet that becomes an issue. hmm.....

Ms B said...


*lol* This was one of those days when I got quite annoyed. Kalau tulis straight to the point, it might raise too many eye brows. *grins*

Ok dear. I get your point. Tho I feel sometimes too many hands can spoil the mood. Once in a while, the box would like to enjoy its own presence. Lack of drama does not mean something is wrong.

ps: feel like a zombie. not enough sleep. *rolling eyes*

darlene said...

*wearing a t-shirt 'Wooden Box Team'*

Ms B said...


waa...we now have a team t-shirt? *winks*