Saturday, June 13, 2009

The look for today

It has been a hectic week, with a few late nights and two days of travel chaos. To top it off, some idiots decided to have a party last night which went way past midnight and it was stopped because someone came to their door (and I presumed it was the police). I only managed to fall asleep at 3am!

All I want for the weekend is to have coffee with the young lady at our favourite hangout. So before we head off, we thought we could give this a try:

Need a break

The young lady designed this:


ps: I think her taste is kinda cool. *smiles*


D said...

yesss.. very summery! sun's out today - yee haaa!!!

darlene said...

gosh the dress and flats serious comel. and i see NEW MOOOON.... yay !

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...yeah, cool for little B and yours won't be perfect without strabucks coffee...hehehehe...;-)

happy weekend...

Jumper said...

The dresses go perfectly awesome with the smiles of the lady with her little one on a sunny day.
Enjoy it!

IDB said...

Ooo...Is that one of the twilight series? Goes really well with the starbucks and outfit :) I love the combination, very banana republic.
And do you follow gossip girl? Little B's outfit reminds me so much of Miss B @ Blair Waldorf, especially the hairband!

Inah said...

hey..lil B got a good choice :)

very cool :)

n.i. said...

cool... and little b's creation is expected of her *wink*

bestnye kan ada daughter... ada gang nak main polyvore... i dah lama tak masuk polyvore hehehe...

the other day my friend brought her daughter to a kid's spa as a birthday treat... bestnyaaa...

but of course, the boys never fail to keep me entertained *smile*

Ms B said...


Zombie or not, I decided to take the young lady out and enjoy the sunshine.

Ms B said...


U know, she actually asked me to search for the brand to find the dress. when she had decided on the colour, the rest was easy.

Ms B said...


starbucks was already in the draft picture, wasnt really bothered to find another coffee pic. *grins*

anyway, we spent hours at the cafe; reading, coffee, cakes.

Ms B said...


very rare do we get sunshine here and when the temp rises to 23 deg, we opt for dress or skirt.

naturally it means that we have to go out and enjoy the weather.

Ms B said...


psstt....that's how I dress up over the weekend and instead of a white cardigan, i usually wear white denim jacket.

BR? Ok, I shall have a look. I only know one store located at Regent st.

I am aware of Blair and i think u are right. *grins*

Ms B said...


i think she likes polyvore. I have this feeling we'll be doing it often.

Ms B said...


on some occasions when we are bored, we go in and out of stores and she chooses the dresses for me to try out. those fancy ones i.e. black tie dinner, red carpet etc. just for fun! *lol*

congratulations on your anak bujang. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

ooo i think her taste is extremely cool! different too! :)

Ms B said...


her instruction was something like this:

dress- xyz brand
shoes - ballerina
cardigan - must be short
others - hat/handbags/tights

unfortunately there werent many kids bags so thats the closest to her taste. oh, everything must match! *rolling eyes*