Monday, June 29, 2009

B & B

loosely translated : Business vs bed.

I was meant to do this:

picture: business travel agency.

Instead, I was told that I should be doing this:

picture: news health.

For A WEEK!!!! Blimey! My 1st MC in a very long time. They dont give out MC in this country if it's just a day or two but the doc was concerned that:
a) I've been sleeping on average of 4-5 hours a day for the last few weeks.
b) I'm meant to travel this week and the week after.

So what now? How am I supposed to fill 10 hours of a day? I still have 2 books which I recently purchased but yet to be read. I will probably end up cooking more than usual and clean the house (translation: old clothes and shoes to be boxed and donated to make room for new ones.*grins*)

Or I can come up with a brilliant posting and make my friends aka you entertained.


IDB said...

i get the odd cold every now and again and would take lemsip every 6 hours. sometimes it does help but then again there is no cure for the common cold (i assume this is what u have). im glad the doc gave you one week off, complete bed rest is the only way to go, seriously!

i too am in the midst of clearing my clutter- i've made a rule, donate whatever i haven't worn for a year.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...just pull the curtain...zzzzzzzzzzz...have a good rest day...;-)

Hunny said...

Hi, what happened?? I hope you didn't get that dreaded flu. Have lots of rest and drink a lot of fluid, ya?

Btw, I'm voting that last statement :D

Anonymous said...

ooo decluttering is one good therapy, but not for one with cold you know! might end up sneezing all the way! :)

have a good rest you!

Jumper said...

Being in bed can a big deal business. That's what you need right now. Get well soon, Ms B.....

Ms B said...


Lemsip is a good quick fix for the occasional flu. Apparently I was told mine was slightly above average on the scale and if I didnt rest properly, it could be worse.

oh, she gave me antibiotics but most importantly, I was told i needed to rest.

Gosh! decluttering is a big business.

ps: i may not be able to physical go shopping but the websites have been so kind to update me with their items on sale.

Ms B said...


my place uses blinds which are not practical during summer. extremely hard to take a nap.

thankfully i hv your blog to keep me sane.

Ms B said...


nah. it wasnt that flu but a combination of lack of rest, change of weather, bad diet etc etc. i can sense how much difference a day of rest makes.

as for the last statement, gosh, i wonder with the bug, i have any creative juice to be squeezed.

Ms B said...


i did that yesterday, shows how bad i am at staying home without the young lady. if she;s around, i hv many things to do. i got bored, thus started to clean the house (and an hour or two on work).

ps: almost finished reading a book and perhaps do dvd reruns.

Ms B said...


the prob is, my mind is constantly thinking and it is not helping in this resting business.

oh well, i suppose it is a good thing. i managed to do more domestic-related things which i planned ages ago.