Sunday, December 14, 2008

Men - vinegar or vintage?

“Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”

When we are in our 20s, I reckon most of us will never consider going out with guys who are more than a decade older than us. In fact, I’d think again if the age gap is more than five years.

Then we reach our 30s and somehow, the idea of dating older men seems not bad at all. In fact, it is probably because by then we have more things in common to talk about. When we are at our peak of climbing the corporate world, who would be the best person to give advice other than those who have been there before? Our taste in arts and entertainment slowly shifts and merges closely with men in this age group. Also, by then our topic of discussion starts to revolve around bigger life issues (instead of handbags and shoes).

Some people think that middle aged men have nothing in common with women who are almost half of their age, hence they criticise. Who are we to judge on maturity? I have seen men who act like boys with no sense of responsibilities. At the same time, some girls have the maturity twice of their age as a result of life experiences. Sometimes love can be nurtured, with patience and respect. The qualities are usually found in fine men.

Some women hesitate to go out with these men even when they are eligible with great personality as they are concerned of what people might think. As one of you highlighted, happiness is subjective. Besides, what is there to talk about when the guy has no strings attached? I am only wary of men who claim to have mid life crisis (tell me why is this only applies to men? I have yet to hear women with similar issues). These men never seem to stop at one. As a guy once mentioned, “it’s no longer mid life crisis. That’s considered as perpetuity.” *LOL*

Anyway, don’t you want to go out with them if they fall under the most eligible bachelor with personality one can only dream of? If a single middle aged man looks like below, I’d gladly put on that red cocktail dress and accept a date. *winks* Well, I think he’s hot, thus explains why I rather spend my Friday nights at home and watch him.

- Gibbs in NCIS -


n.i. said...

ms b,
bring it on, babe! hahaha

Inah said...

ohh..Gibbs!! that is my boyfriend u know..and also Grissom from CSI *grin*

anyway..i would prefer to date with elder men as i'm considered matured for girls at my age..hmmm..maybe you can find me one..heheheehehe

i hate to say this but most of malay men at my age are not really mature and aren't good enough to handle serious relationship and most of them are afraid with commitment..

no offense to other readers yea :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. At this age, the age gap doesn't feel too much of a gap anymore! :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...oooopsss maybe i am too old already because started to listen to jazz (kinda old people music) at the age of 18...hehehehee...;-)

D said...

age does not really matter as at THIS age, some of my friends have married younger men because they seem to treat them well. I strongly think the main criteria a woman has to look for in a man is: he's gotta love you like crazy! HaHA! Reason being, it's easier to communicate and make things work with that kind of love. Compromise and tolerance is possible with love and faith.

Happy hunting!

From the one who isn't. *wide grin*

Ms B said...


*LOL* How I wish Gibbs walks past while I have my mocha at a nearby cafe. Cuci mata!!!

Ms B said...


Gibbs is definitely sexy! he has a lean body and most men in their 50s have fat belly!

Probably you have not met the right one. As i mentioned, some men can act like boys and vice versa. maturity differs from one to another. Look at demi and aston. *winks*

Ms B said...


true enough. Like, there isn't much of a gap. I remember back in uni, I couldn't bring myself to talk to any of my seniors and they were only 3-5 years older than me.

Now, I can hang out with anyone, both male and female, above 40s and have lots of things to talk about.

But how can you resist if a single middle aged man who looks like Gibbs asks you out!?!?! *grins*

Ms B said...

hi danial,

age is just a number, right? *winks* besides, i dont think it makes much difference if you look like Gibbs. *grins*

Ms B said...


err, u think we have a chance to be a cradle snatcher? *lol*

I think for my single gfs, they can possibly be in a relationship with anyone. For women like us, there are more things to consider.

Hunting? why dont we both hunt??? *lol* but i think we'd prefer to hunt for good bargains (boxing day kan).

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...yeah, only number...1,2,3,...hehehehe...and i guess you are right that i look no difference like Gibbs plus me a little bit cute...hehehehe...;-)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...Uncle Lee stopped by at my posting my prayer and just asking whether you are the one Ms B...just check it out...

Cosmic_GurL said...

I have always preferred older men...I had a crush on Robert De Niro for the longest time...hehehehe...but somehow I ended up with a guy 1 year younger than's funny that way :)

Ms B said...


U look like Gibbs and cuter? This must be my lucky day! *winks*

Oh yes, I saw Lee's comment and left one at your place too. but I feel that he thinks you are me. *LOL*

Ms B said...


You must be one hot babe to be a cradle snatcher. *winks* He is one lucky guy to have you.

psssttt...u can persuade him to dress up like De Niro.

darlene said...

ms b,

as i see men almost twice my age all the time while working, i find talking to younger men is a breather. haha, not that the older men are not nice--they're always forgiving of my lack of knowledge on certain issues perhaps, without the intention of bragging--just an example (plus, i myself still need to brush up on my adult conversation). but sometimes younger men adore you as whom he perceives as successful (even if you're not--). as for men of the same age, it always revolves around the word 'competition' but that keeps things real, i guess--bringing me back to reality. lols.

Ms B said...


younger men makes us feel we are hot and succesful, i think (like in Lipstick Jungle, kan). BUt I do find it tiring when each time I'd be the one consulted whenever they face a question eg which job offer to accept, which industry to focus etc.

so, i still prefer men than boys. *winks*