Friday, February 02, 2007

Dinner in Milan?

I’ve been invited to dinner…in Milan!

During my recent trip to Germany, I made a new friend. I was having dinner by myself when he came and sat at the table opposite of mine. The head waiter served him, spoke in French and Italian. A few minutes later, he came to me and said, “the gentleman would like to offer you a glass of wine.” But I don’t drink, so I ordered coffee instead. Knowing that we both didn’t have any company, I decided to join him.

The toughest part was, he spoke little English and my French was dusty. But we managed to survive, with the help from the waiter and his PA all the way from Milan.

The whole hotel staffs knew him, so did some of the guests. I assumed he must be someone well known.

Anyway, when I got the dinner invitation, I had to check the sms a few times. Dinner in Milan???? Hmmm, thought he was kidding but then again, I think he meant what he said.

You know…these things only happen in the movies. Like in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts took the private jet to have dinner in God knows where. And it’s actually happening to me.

Guess super rich guys with a good heart exist after all.


simah said...

interesting happening.. glad to hear.. it helps to take ur mind off certain things :0)

referring to ur previous entry..

u r trying to fill the void u were left with when u were growing up..
u r aware of those n u try ur best.. that makes u a better parent..than ur parents coz u r trying ur best.. coz u r learning from their mistakes n u r trying not to let the history repeats itself..

i'd only not give u a pat at the bag.. but also a very tight hug of bravos! :0) am proud of u..

Idham said...

:) dinner in milan :) sounds like a 'WoW' to me.....

like a movie indeed.

how abt dinner in spore deli ( or is it called kitchen ) at the gloucester millenium hotel?
or in india *also in s kensington - byk indian restoren*.

but with an ordinary malay man - far from a super rich italiano. *grinning*.


Ms Istanbul said...

Simah dear,

Thanks for the encouraging words! History what makes us, what defines us. Without mistakes or bad experience, how will one learn. Always think of the positive sides.

Hehhehe... yea yea. It does take my mind away. Rasa mcm movie jer.


Dont know whether can have dinner with you but maybe mocha will be ok. Have to make babysitting arrangement.

I'm a simple person. Teh tarik and roti canai will do.