Monday, October 25, 2010

The accidental role

Sometimes I feel my life attracts chaos and mayhem, an opposite to the way I want it to be running as I do love things to be in order. Perhaps there is an unknown factor inside me that seems to think it will be colourful to have a little bit of mess.

For example, while I was lounging on the sofa and enjoying the program yesterday morning, my phone rang showing a familiar number. The HR manager was on the other line, apologising himself for breaking the news at the very last minute. The CEO would like to see me at 10 o’clock.

Great! I had 90 minutes to get ready and find my way to the city. Remember I told you that I live in the middle of nowhere, hence it would be challenging to get a cab.

It didn’t take me long to dress up. I chose the most practical gear, a mocha A-line dress with white cardigan matched with beige D’Orsay pumps. The problem was getting to the place. I knew it would be quicker to walk to the main road and hail a taxi than calling the cab centre and direct them to the house. I was prepared for the twenty-minute march but luck was on my side when I saw one in sight after walking halfway. Clearly it was a good sign.

I showed up 10 minutes before the meeting, reflecting the ‘British’ side of me.

Anyway, it was a short interview and moments later, the HR manager took me out for coffee as an apology for putting me in a very tight situation earlier. Mocha was in order and as I was extremely hungry (I didn’t even have time to eat anything before I left!), I decided to have chicken quiche. As we both chatted and enjoyed our drinks, he passed me the offer letter.

I must admit that this was the weirdest interview I ever experienced. The amount of time they were investing on me was admirable. Four formal meetings and two informal discussions were enough to convince that I’d be ok. For the first time, I had an opportunity to negotiate my package. I had more things at stake if I were to join compare to the company’s risk in hiring me. The initial offer was already good by my standard and at the top range of my market rate but it wouldn’t do me harm to ask for a higher amount.

The final package was 15% higher or 50% more than my previous remuneration, at gross of course. If at net, my friends’ eyes will turn green. *rolling eyes*

Perhaps I am meant to take this path, adding another skill to my resume, further pushing me to be a ‘Jane of all trades’. It will be challenging as I will deal with the three Kapitans (British, Aussie and Asian) directly, jumping over the Director, as well as managing external parties. I hope I will be ok.

And if I dont, please expect a lot of grievances channelled here. *sceptic look


Naz said...

Dear Jane,
You'll do well :)

Mawar_Mohamad said...

impressive!i had a hunch u'll get the job.congrats Ms B~

The Momster said...

Well done Ms B! You'll be ok, I'm sure :)

Ms B said...


I forgot to mention that on my 4th interview, I was such in a hurry that I had the laundry tag on my dress (on the outer layer!). I only realised it when I got home. Luckily I had my cardigan on. Phew!

Ms B said...

Hi Mawar,

Thank you! I still couldnt believe it. Maybe the lucky stars were shining down on me. :)

Ms B said...


Kalau tak ok, terpaksalah mengeluh di sini kan? My therapy session. lol!