Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time out

I am officially on leave! *grins* I still had things to do last night and only managed to email my work about an hour ago (yes I woke up very early to get them done). I am just taking two days off as it is the term break and I spend more time at work and with my laptop even when I am at home. Guilt kicks in and naturally, it seems best to take time off and forget about work.

What do we plan to do? Apart from sorting the essentials, which by the way, I managed to tick some items off the list, we will spend time with friends and perhaps do an outing just outside London tomorrow, if time permits.

I had a polyvore to go with this post but I had more things to add and couldn’t find them. Guess I have to defer it until it is close to the ‘idea’. *smile*

First stop, breakfast of course. Looking forward to hot nasi lemak and teh tarik. Then, we probably head to one of London's favorite streets.

Have a good weekend everyone!


plain_jane said...

good for you :)
neverland awaits you *wink*

Naz said...

It's late at night now and no matter where I hop, there is talk about food! OMG it's midnight and I'm craving nasi lemak and teh tarik pulak :P
(btw, I love the quotation under your reminder)
Have a nice weekend, you two!

Anonymous said...

enjoy ur break msB :)

inah adelaide *too lazy to sign in* :P

Ms B said...


the break was too short! sigh. I still feel exhausted. I am looking forward to another break in 4 weeks time.


I try to eat nasi lemak every week whilst the young lady prefers roti telur. nak buat, malas as it is only two of us.


another busy lady. make sure u get enough rest ok, which I am guilty myself. i hv another deadline this week.