Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Shake the bottle

I once asked a friend if she experienced of not wanting to share emotional posts after people she knew read her blog. I have had this reluctance ever since I made my blog known to some people or became closer to blogger friends. I avoid writing when I feel melancholy as I am pretty sure it will raise an alarm. Nevertheless, one cannot avoid expressing if one wants to maintain sanity. The more you hold back, the bigger the explosion. Imagine a bottle of coke being shaken many times and we open the bottle cap, the degree of spill is bad.

Anyway, how can I compare myself to a bottle of coke? I should at least make reference to wine. It is pricier than the fizzy drink. *grin*

These days, there is a tune which keeps playing inside my head. Only today I realised it was a song by Raihan. I kept thinking of the lyrics repeatedly.

I am not sad or upset, neither I am happy or thrill. I am feeling.... just. And sometimes, all it takes to lift me up is receiving message like this, “good night tomato tree.”*smile


Pak Idrus said...

Ms.B. Do not keep it all bottled up, it would burst. Share it with friends and blog about it and enjoy doing it. Care less about what others say. It is your life after all.

There are always the up and down in life so just take it easy and enjoy life a day a time.

Have a nice day and take care.

IDB said...

Sometimes I wish I could have another blog which is not read by family! At least I could be more expressive. But having 2 blogs will be too time consuming, even maintaining one is hard enough :D

momster said...

Tell me about it! If I am anonymous on the WWW I'd have more to blog about definitely!

Such a cute nick... tomato tree... hmmmm...

Ms B said...

Pak Idrus,

I try my best to not bottle it up. Occasionally I will share with friends if it gets too much.

Taking each day as it comes.

Ms B said...


It does cross my mind to change this address (which i did in the past) but now couldnt be bothered. Penat! *grin*

Anyway, hope you are enjoying the yummy food. *smile*

Ms B said...


he he he. I think you will have more questionable entries.

darlene said...

pls do write anything that you want to write ms b. if we sense that it gets 'melancholic', we'll pretend that we don't read it... (while gasping for air staring at the screen). promise :).