Sunday, October 04, 2009

Disrespecting choices

It had been a tiring and annoying week, the latter was caused by a sudden request to deal with an urgent matter on late Thursday evening. I managed to excuse myself by 7pm on Friday as I had something important the next day. Else, I was sure I’d be stuck at the office much later than that.

The weekend was good, despite the stress I felt prior to my exam, which I passed thankfully. We managed to catch up with friends and had plenty of dining session as well as play time for the young lady. She was given the green light to party all night and looked forward to fully-utilise it but her excitement was cut short when her play-mate surrendered to la-la land around 10ish. She fell asleep not long after.

Anyway, sometimes I wonder on why people expect others to respect their choice when they themselves disrespect the decisions made by others. I’m using disrespect as it covers many grounds, be it voicing out disapproval or disappointment, signalling negative vibes etc. Unless the decision involves ethics, moral or religious issue, then one would feel compelled to advise. Yet, when one is questioned on something which looks positive (no criminal intent or against values and religion), it somehow makes us think twice on telling.

Darn! Another crappy post. I was hoping to write something witty or girly (dress, shoes, ehem ehem) but I had a dull week. I need to go out, or better, go shopping! Well, maybe not indulging myself to shoes and bags but perhaps coffee with friends and enjoy the view of candymen while I still can. *grin


Kak Teh said...

I am free for coffee, or tea, or whatever. Congratulations - Why did the huguenot leave France for Britain? hehehe! bet you got that right.

darlene said...

ms b,
haha thanks, this is actually a good reminder to myself (trust me this is not a crappy post). i wake up everyday trusting myself that i'll respect other people's privacy and choice that day. when i slipped (for a wrong / unnecessary reason) saya akan rasa seperti hendak ketuk jari saya. having said that, i still read

D said...

Wow, congrats!!! Yeah, tell me about respecting and being disrespectful. Had a dose of that last week too. such a spoiler, eh? Told myself these people aren't worth my time. Not worth an ounce!

Have a good week dearie!

Ms B said...


Answer - to avoid religious prosecution. I had a few factual questions; one of them was the percentage of children attending public school. Most people completed the test under 15 mins but only half passed! I took my time cos there was a long queue to check the results. At least I could sit longer. Why the rush, eh?

I hope I no longer wake up in the middle of the night thinking of which patrons belong to which country!

Ms B said...


I know we cant avoid being nosy but I think for some of us, we try our best to minimise it. However, it is amusing when one demands their choice to be respected, when they are doing the opposite.

If you are happy being single, married, in a r'ship, etc; then dont make it difficult for others who are ready to make other choices. Haiyoo!!!!

having said that, perezhilton tu dah kira open book. so takpelah nak busy body pun. *lol*

Ms B said...


Oh, totally understand it darling. When that happens, you hesitate to share any news, even if they are good ones. Like, baik diam and gembira sendiri pasal ada jer yang tak kena.

Monday welcomes me with grey skies and drizzle. It is definitely autumn.

Naz said...

Hi there!
OH YES! I have thought about that many times. Why do these holier-than-thou people feel that they are free to scatter their advices here and there, poke their nose into this and that when the fact remains that nobody is perfect!
All I can say is that turning 40 has helped made me immune (most of the times lah!) to these sauerkraut-s :D

momster said...

Oh no! Your choice is definitely positive, I know, but some people are born to feel what they think/do is the best, without putting themselves in other people's shoes at all. ;)

Go indulge while you still can! Though I still do the same now, you know... :D

Ms B said...

Hi Naz,

In the old days, poking would have been acceptable as people didnt have the nerve to tell off. These days, dont be fooled by those petite frames. Nanti jadi mcm Pe'ah haa.. *lol*

Eh, 40 is the new 30s what? *wink*

Ms B said...


I know but sometimes it feels blurgh... (cant seem to find the right word). everything we do, it will be scrutinised. sigh...

ha ha ha... yeah. kalau stress, nak ajak KT gi H*llist*r or Ab*rcr*mbi and cuci mata. *grin*