Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twitch of the eye

I was planning to go to bed by 10pm but since I have been sleeping after midnight these days, my body clock couldn’t adjust that easily. How I miss those times when I could easily sleep for 8 hours straight. In fact, I remember during my third year, I had one or two evening classes and I usually went straight to bed after those 2 hour seminars, which was by the way ended at 8pm and journey from campus to home was 10 minutes walk.

Fast forward, I’d be lucky if I get 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night is a norm and when I’m more tired than usual, I tend to get disturbing dreams. Dreams are fine as long as they are not about work. When they do, it usually means I need to control my stress level.

I suppose the older you get, the less sleep you need.

Although I was sleep deprived for the past few days, at least I wasn’t stress. Up until last night when a colleague mentioned about anxiety attack and the twitch of the eye of being a sign of strain.

I thought the cause of the twitch was because of the lack of sleep or something else and had nothing to do with stress. Clearly my body contradicted how I felt, or so I thought. Perhaps I was under pressure subconsciously. The body wanted to tell me but I was clueless, as always.

Maybe it is high time to rejuvenate myself. I have yet to use the spa gift given for my birthday. Probably it makes sense to do it soon.

For now, I could settle with a good rest. The lil one would probably advise me to have a bath with her bedtime bath lavender, followed by lavender lotion. It seems it works for her.


Hazia said...

Twitch of the eye - I have that a few times, normally when I was working too hard or spent too much time online. Spa is a good idea:)

Anonymous said...

The higher we are or the more responsibilties we have in an organisation, the lesser sleep we get. My brain has automatically set me to wake up at 3am every morning, whether I sleep at 10pm or later. But I am not stressed. I am the most fresh and active person in the morning, and of course, I will have my beloved mocha with me.. SO, Ms B.. if you feel very stressed, go get some rest.. but if you get this twitch of the eye but you actually dont feel anything, hmm.. go buy some shoes and handbags!! Hahaha

darlene said...

i used to have minor (i think) back ache. a friend of mine said it might be due to stress but i don't believe her either. lol.

hope you have a good weekend.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...put a slice of cucumber on your eyes...;-)

Anonymous said...

get some rest...! (eventhough it's easier said than done, i know!;))

Naz said...

Ms B,
I have been having the twitching of the eye for 2 weeks now. Tried everything, slept enough, work less but it twitches, it twitches and it twitches. DH said I should keep myself indoor before other men get funny ideas. I figure as long as it is just my right eye and not other part of my body, I'll be fine! I'm happily twitching right now :D

Ms B said...

hi hazia,

I hardly have twitches! Obviously my colleagues knew too well about our line of work and stressed to me that i indeed need a break.

Ms B said...

hi anonymous,

good one! But i think I will get more stress after looking at the receipts of shoes and handbags.

Ms B said...

hi darlene,

arent we all in denial? *grins* I know it has been a nightmare past few weeks. so last weekend i told myself to switch off. a quiet day at home.

Ms B said...

hi danial,

right...that could be a problem as i dont eat cucumber, hence no stock at home.

Ms B said...


i am trying so hard to get a good sleep, hence explains the effort of going to bed at 10 but it is not working. at least last nite i managed to fall asleep by midnight instead of 1-2am.

Ms B said...


*LOL* I think ur hubby has a good point. so i suppose i should be grateful with the twitch too. *winks*