Thursday, February 05, 2009

Too much information

Dean: Sam?
Sam: Yeah?
Dean: Too much information.
Sam: Hey, I told you I was coming clean.
Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.

I realise when I’m in a company of a younger man, he tends to reveal too much information. Things that you wouldn’t want to hear as a friend, let alone as a date. It feels like he is trying too hard to prove that he is worthy (or matured) enough to go out with you.

Trust me, any rational women would not want to hear about your past encounters, or that you actually have done it. Neither the experience nor the quantity proves anything. It does not define how manly you are. You can claim that you have credentials just by stating the obvious but it doesn’t mean that you have what it takes to please a woman.

More often than not, men who boast about their encounters don’t have a good GPS. In fact, some may not even have one.

I probably can chew most stuff because it’s just me. I know my friends find it easy to blurt things out, even if the subject discussed requires an open mind. I have no problem to listen or give my opinion.
But.... I really find it odd when I barely know that person or perhaps I do but not that close, that he starts to tell about his glorious past (or current encounters). Seriously, do you reckon that I’d be impressed to see a foil nicely tucked in your wallet? I wonder how exactly it reflects you; that you are prepared for an opportunity. So that’s a good thing, really? *rolling eyes*

For some of us, your experience is irrelevant. As I said, some men, no matter how good looking they are, do not have GPS. Otherwise, why do you see so many manuals out there on the book shelf? Through trust, communication and love (yes, I am a romantic fool!), it will be an earth shattering moment.

But seriously, it is so uncool to show your “Durability, Reliability, and Excellence” packet in the wallet. Huge turn off, at least for me. No more dates.


Inah said...

i guess u have a date with a boy..not yet a man :P

n.i. said...

same stand here.. :-)lelaki mcm ni poyo la... haha

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...that shows immaturity...if me, i will give a disc full of computer codes, so you have to decode it by yourself...hehehehehe...

Ms B said...


*winks* indeed I have dated a few boys, past and present. Probably some boys are men and vice versa. Thankfully, the ones I usually hang out with are rare species. When they have all that jazz, they tend to be care-free ie nothing to prove. Just hang out and chill.

Ms B said...

n.i. darling,

Wise selection of word. Poyo! *LOL* I really dont get by this act. We do not want to hear any encounters, or that u carry emergency supply during dinner conversation. *smack my head*

Terus hilang appetite.

Ms B said...

Hi danial,

Oh no! I bet it'll be hard to crack those codes. I need to get those manuals and speed up my knowledge. *LOL*

D said...

at least you gave him a shot, babes! LOL! naah... mature women are too smart for just anyone, no?

Kak Teh said...

Ms B, perhaps I am asking the obvious - but I need to know, what is GPS? and what has it got to do with dates? Kak teh blur sikit hari ni.

Ms B said...

d darling,

I try to give the benefit of the doubt but sometimes they just try too hard that it spoils everything. Quantity is so overrated and why on earth do they think we care?

Mature (or rather old??) women are usually smarter. *Winks*

Ms B said...

KT dear,

Oh dear, I was trying to berkias today but in ur case, i hv to make an exception.

GPS aka navigation system. some men think that by telling about their encounters or numbers, it proves that they are great lovers. Unfortunately, it doesnt. If u ever watch Friends, there was an episode where Monica taught Chandler about the right buttons of a woman's body.

So I suppose in my case, since the guys are younger, they think by telling, it shows that they are "old" enough to date me.

Ada paham Kak Teh? *grins*

Anonymous said...

There was one reading I had somewhere sometimes back which says dating younger guys are awesome bcoz they automatically think women are smarter so older women are GENIUSES... :P

Ms B said...


Hello corporate lady! So hard to see you these days. *winks*

Oh! Women of a certain age know exactly what they want, so it doesnt matter whether the guy is experienced or not. Just assume that we are genius and dump all the credentials. *LOL*

plain_jane said...

hai ms B :)

perhaps this 'boy' is showing off cos nothing is real? hehe..
giving out too much info may lead to boasting i suppose.

and boasting is the major turn-off for me *talk to the hand*


Cosmic_GurL said...

OMG! The guy actually told you about his conquest?? Thats a major turn-off for me. I also hate it when men tell me wht car they drive, how much money they have in their bank account or about their designer clothes. Blergh!

Anonymous said...

i believe having to show your durability, reliability and excellence in whatever way, is just an act of low self-esteem.

huge turn off definitely!

fizzy said...

dearest miss b..

miss reading your entries.
:| so sorry i have not been in contact lately.

hehe..too much info is a turn off..

Ms B said...

Hi Jane,

Finally get to see you around. *winks*

Love ur style. Yes, please talk to the hand.

Ms B said...

CG darling,

See! Shocking or what?! As like you, I too find boasting in any form a major turn off.

Again dear, happy belated birthday. I shall take ur advice in mind.

Ms B said...


I think it is not restricted to men when it comes to showing off. Some women have the same mentality. U know, like those "posh" people, comparing the latest bag. *grins*

But that was funny! i mean, come on. I dont want to know whats in ur wallet. *lol*

Ms B said...

Fizzy dear,

ah, it's ok. U keep well k. I am actually struggling to find time to write these days. been so busy at work. Tired of travelling too.

I need a hot long bath....