Sunday, April 27, 2008

An hour to live, an hour to love

For the beautiful people in my life, especially to my lil princess, Ms Achemist and The Dragon Lady. With your presence, I am where I am today. I hope I have been there for you as much as you have been there for me.

An hour to live, an hour to love by Richard Carlson.

"People experience tragedy, and it makes their life have greater meaning."
"In this experience of losing Richard so suddenly and grieving his loss, it has just given me so much strength and comfort to feel so complete in our relationship," Kris says. "Just to know that he felt so complete when he left. Just to know that he walked out the door that day, he had said it all—he had appreciated us so fully."

"If I could live this life over again, I'd spend less time talking and more time listening. Saying goodbye to the girls, I cried when I realized I hadn't listened nearly enough to them over the years and they have so much to say. In my attempts to share my own wisdom, I've missed out on hearing theirs.That's something I'd change for sure and it would have been easy to do."

Live as if each day were our last. If you had an hour to live and could make just one phone call, who would it be to, what would you say, and why are you waiting?


U.Lee said...

Hi Ms Istanbul,reading your beautiful posting here brings to mind, as we walk down the fairway of life we must smell the roses, for we only get to play one round. Our life is not a dress rehearsal.
Quote,"if we had an hour to live....", I guess I'll have nothing to say as I realised many years ago to say it now then later.
Prior getting married I told my wife I was going to reach for the stars and if she could accept that, I would love to have her share my life. The years then passed by and I was hardly ever home, travelling and working same time climbing the Corporate ladder rapidly till I achieved what I was looking for.
She had everything except my presence, maybe two days in a week or in three weeks. But she stood by her man, never a question asked, but always an encouraging smile.
It was one day a good friend had a fatal cardiac arrest and at his funeral, he only 40, I heard his wife cry, "if only we had more time together, to hear your voice and laughter...".
Ms Istanbul. it was there and then I made up my mind to give up everything and devote my life, my love to my wife. I had neglected her ten years in search of my selfish desire to be somebody in life.
Next day I aplogised to her for leaving her alone and promised and swore to her, I will never leave her alone ever again.
I then decided with her to start a new life in an another country. Reason being I would not be tempted to return to the work I had loved. 8 months later we left the country. And never a day passes by without my telling her I love her. We hold hands when we go out. And thus I guess I would have nothing to say should I have an hour to live as I say it everyday.
I did it my way, regrets I have but too few to mention. Lee.

D said...

just ONE phonecall?? tough one, tough one... I'd have to call my best-est friend. why am I waiting? coz there's the difference in time zone; but I just texted, ok? hehehe... thanks for sharing - wonderful thing to ponder about!

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Lee,

Part of me feels reluctant to go back for the same reason. Here, I can manage my time better, being a mother and pursuing my dreams. I get to walk my daughter to school each day, and tuck her to bed every night. I am trying my best to be there for her when she wants me most, and I know one day, she too will want her own space. So until that day comes, I want to cherish our time together.

Ms Istanbul said...

d dear,

hahah... I know. It is tough. Makes us ponder why we always wait til the very last minute to do the things that we want.

I found the book by chance. It was worth reading.