Monday, October 02, 2006

Ramadan day 9

TD came for dinner last night. Haven’t seen him for a month! He was away for 2 weeks on holiday and before that, he was rushing out for report. Accountant + accountant = limited time. Still, we try to meet up and spend some time together. Yesterday was really nice. He just got back the day before and decided to meet us.

The little one was excited. She put away her things, rearranged the living room. She also helped out to set the table. TD was so impressed!!! Oh yeah, TD got her a jersey from his home country. She loves it! While I prepared dinner, she asked TD to do some drawings. Pity her that she has me as a mom who couldn’t even draw a circle! TD has a flare with arts. Had he not become an accountant, he’d be an architect. No wonder my kid loves him dearly.

Anyway, I made mee bandung. Wasn’t sure TD was up to it. Bought some curry puffs too. He bought desserts but we didn’t manage to eat them. Ramadan…you feel like eating everything but truth is, a decent meal will do.

The whole dinner made us happy, the three of us. Something so simple but gives so much. The act of togetherness, a family. Something we longed for.
Hope your Ramadan is as meaningful as mine.

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