Friday, October 06, 2006

Missing nasi lemak kerang..


Well, not that I have anything to do to begin with. :D

I have dinner with my ex-colleagues from my old firm back home. It’s a treat from one of them for his promotion and farewell dinner for another friend as he’s going back for good.

Got an iftar invitation for tomorrow in Surrey. Not sure whether I’m going or not. I need a car. Well, not really but when you have friends living miles away or it’s quite a hassle to use the public transport, then it just feels nice to have one. I’m trying to save money, hoping I might buy a property. I need to decide where, here or KL. Once I make my choice, then I guess that will be my home.

There are things that I love about here but there are also things that I miss back home. The nasi lemak kerang, mee goreng mamak, teh tarik, lepaking at mamak, etc etc. I’m really a simple person. Not that I don’t like going to fancy places or use designer brands. It is just not me. A Gucci bag is just a fraction of my salary but I don’t even have one. I can’t remember how many times my friends have tried to get me into buying stuffs. But I don’t mind splurging on my little one. She usually gets the best of everything, within my means of course.

Unless they suddenly open a mamak here, serving mee goreng and nasi lemak kerang, maybe it’s a good thing to stay here permanently.

Have a nice weekend!

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