Monday, October 02, 2006

3rd day jobless

I'm unassigned today. Sigh! It's my third day so far. My friends have warned me that my new job will potentially have very 'off-peak' period. I'm experiencing it now.

I'm fully aware that not everyday people decide to go listing or sell or buy companies. But being me, I cant stand being unassigned. Saw one of my colleagues today. Cute boyish look, messy hair, nice accent (he's from Jersey). He joined almost the same time like I did. He said he had that for a few weeks. He's thankful that they got him booked on an assignment.

My time cost is almost double compare to old job. It's £320 per hour! Thats £2.4 k per day and it's my 3rd day. This firm really makes money with the amount they charge. Not that I'm reaping the benefits. I'm sure the precentage of my salary over the charge-out rate is small. It goes to the BIG FISH. Hopefully one day I get to be one of the BIG FISH. hehhehe... no harm dreaming yeah.

On another note, TD will start his Master today. I really dont know how he juggles his time. Being one of the BIG FISH with hectic work schedule and now attending classes 2-3 times a week. Plus, he tries his best to make time for me and the little one. He's something...

Hmmm, maybe me being unassigned gives me time to fill this blog.....?

Leaving now..

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