Friday, August 19, 2011

New toy(s)

After searching high and low, days of pondering, I finally decided to get myself this new gadget. Our baby has served us for more than four years and since the young lady was given a Tab from her dad, I thought it’d be better to invest in a sleek machine for myself due to our constant travelling.

Easy to manage, light to carry even in my arm candies, I do feel it is worth every penny.

The sale assistant couldn’t believe that I was serious about getting this toy that he reconfirmed many times. I made my decision within minutes but little did he know that I have been searching for days at different places. As my negotiation skill was displayed at its fullest, added with the slight inconvenience caused by their card reader, I managed to get more freebies than anticipated.

It is also a bonus when your brother happens to major in computer-related courses that I got quite a number of software.

Suffice to say I was a happy woman yesterday.

Presenting our babies:


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I am in love with my new toy. :D small and easy to handle.