Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Making a difference

One article down, another to go. I was told that I could contribute a piece monthly but I rather prepare a few and give them a choice on which they feel fit to publish. If they like them all, it’ll be much easier i.e. there goes a few months of work done. *smile*

Anyway, the owner of the flat upstairs decided to renovate his flat and thus, the drilling and hammering have been bugging me to the extent that I have lost focus. Instead of starting on that new paper, I might as well channel my thoughts to this blog.

Of late, the topic for coffee is around the recent event back home which I do not want to dwell much into. I think many have covered it from different angle and it is up to individuals to analyse. Personally, I feel one can turn those strong energy into something more useful such as doing good deed at your kids’ school, charity run or walk, volunteering at hospitals or orphanage, etc. There are many ways on how we can make a difference and it is always the littlest thing that goes unnoticed.

How many of us sit together for family dinner?

How often do we read to our kids before they go to bed?

When was the last time we spoke to those who are close to our heart?

With my daily routine, I tend to see the same old faces; the old guy in his suit and walking stick, that elderly lady in her bright red jacket doing her errands, the frail woman who does her walk by leaning on her wheelchair and pushes it slowly. All have something in common; their faces light up whenever I greet or smile at them.
I think I am making a difference in their life.

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T said...

Hi Ms B, indeed you made a difference to them.. They see you as that someone who bothers to say hello to them..