Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday wish

I celebrated my birthday a day earlier with a trip to the hospital. Somehow, I was the worst among all and had to see the doc. We spent a good 3 hours there and while I was busy being attended by the staff, the young lady and partner squeezed some time at the cafe, eating tuna sandwich (I think).
I really thought I’d be strong enough to go to work but I supposed it was a wise move to stay home judging the lack of sleep and continuous coughing throughout the night. Doc gave me two days off and so did the young lady. She only had mild fever but doc thought it was better for her to recover fully before she hits school.

Apparently, doc told me to be careful whenever I get the cough bug as the climate isn’t kind to people like me. It will make it ten times worse. If previously I fell really ill once a year like my episode of swine-like flu last winter, I should expect more occurrences of those while here.

Hmm, maybe that will make the partner to reconsider moving back to Europe. *wishful thinking*

Anyway, we were too busy sorting out our health that even I forgot it was my birthday. *LOL* Geesh! That shows how old I am that I even skipped it from my memory.

So what do I want for my birthday? A new handbag of course! *grins* A big one which can fit everything as I have been using the same bag every day for work. Perhaps purple, maroon or beige. I expect this to come from my own sweat, which means the partner should be getting something different. It would be lovely if he is creative enough to find one which matches my current bling-bling. *winks* Yet I know him well enough that I should specify my requirements as often he’d be clueless.

As for the young lady, she made the card way earlier, complete with my favourite things e.g. Jason Mraz. *smiles*

I am sure the handbag and bling-bling can wait as the only thing I’d like to wish for is speedy recovery.


Naz said...

...and get well soon ya so that you can go out and pick that handbag...haha!

ps: love the song.

IDB said...

Oh oh oh, hope it's not too late to wish you a big happy birthday!
Get well soon so that you can go to the mall to get that new arm candy - I'd say beige would be nice! :)


Darlene said...

Happy Birthday Ms B. May you enjoy another great year ahead.

AporN said...

Hi B,

Happy 27th Birthday yeah.. (It's a wild guess on the number)...

Temperature will be mad in the next coming months.

I think i agree with you, shld head back to Europe :-D

Ms B said...


Thanks dear! I finally got myself a bag. :P Takpelah kan. once a year treating myself nice. ;)

Ms B said...


It was lilac, big enough to fit everything, even small notebook. Love it! Very practical gift indeed.

Ms B said...


Thank u! I hope it'll be a good year for me.


mid 30s already! :D Somehow I feel older here, probably bcos lack of walking, hence less fit.