Monday, March 08, 2010

Stumbling block

I hope we can find a way around it. Otherwise, we’ll have to make some changes which are in favour of the young lady. I could see she was trying to hide her smile when I broke the news.

I dont blame her. This is where she grew up and her reluctance to move is understandable. Even I myself find it hard to leave this place despite its weather which can be cruel sometimes.

Yet, my heart secretly longs for the presence of the other half. At times I wish I could express myself better but often that is not the case as I am always a ‘head’ person where decisions made are based on practical reason. Sometimes it can be interpreted that I dont care enough when my heart screams otherwise.

How I wish for it to be simpler...


Anonymous said...

Decision making is never easy when there are so many parties involved. But I'm sure whatever you decide would be best for all of you.

Take care!

Hazrey said...

Sometimes we asked ourselves, are we making the right decision? How do we know what is right and what is wrong? There is none. What is upon you is better decision. And at times, it could be something not in anyone's favour or someone's favour.

I believe the little one will understand, as you always did.

Hugs and kisses for her. Uncle bully misses her!

Naz said...

Crossing bridges are never easy, especially when you are also holding someone's hand. Strength comes when you have the conviction that you are acting for the best of all involved parties and come what may, that conviction/presence of mind will see you through. Insyaallah.
We can never turn back the clock but we can make the best of the present situation.
I wish you and MiniB all the best and I'll think of both of you in my prayers.

Naz :)

D said...

Simple? YOU should know how life is just NOT that! :)

It'll be okay.

Ms B said...


thanks! It just needs some adjusments, both decision and expectation. I'm sure there is a solution somehow.

Now where is my fairy godmother.

Ms B said...

Hi Hazrey,

We think we have everything figured out but there are many unknown variables which can take place and alter our course. I just have to put on my thinking cap and find a solution.

Oh yes, she remembers the bully uncle. LOL!

Ms B said...


Thank you for the beautiful words. I hope I can find courage and wisdom in going through this phase, as well as reaching a practical solution.

Ms B said...


Ha ha ha. Yeah yeah. I know. :D Life wouldnt be fun without hurdles.