Monday, March 09, 2009


My favourite singer will be having his concert here next month. Unfortunately, none of my friends are available to go. Either they are away on that week or it is just not their cup of tea.

Just my luck, eh? Sigh...

For today I wished how nice it’d be if I had a boyfriend. Not only I get to drag him along, he’d be paying for the tickets. *grins*

To add salt to my wound, I was told that I’d have a new deal this week, with structure I’m not familiar with, on top of my current work. I was already on the verge on thinking why I am still in this role. That was up until the meeting I had this morning. The MD leading this project looks like:

pic: gossipgirl

He looks damn good in his suit and I could sense he has a nice built underneath. (Un)fortunately, there was no ring in sight, which makes it harder to focus. Complex or not, I’d definitely not mind to be involved in this deal, especially knowing I’d be working closely with him. *fanning herself*

It was probably the best Monday I had so far. *winks*

So if next time I feel like leaving my profession, can you please remind me why I shouldn’t? *LOL*

Now, back to this concert, maybe I should put up an advert, “boyfriend for hire for a night. To accompany to a concert. Must portray he enjoys the show i.e. memorises most of the popular songs and sings along. Must send the lady back to her home. Whether she invites him for coffee is up to his performance throughout the concert.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Why-oh-why the bosses here never looked as good? :P

Jumper said...

Ms B,
Get an escort or get that guy who blogs and sees through his lenses... The latter could be a cheaper option and who knows.. he might even pay for the tickets and send you home. You can offer to pay back with your lovely, late-night cups of mocha and your good night kiss...

Inah said...

may i know who's the singer?? :P

Naz said...

I read this piece of yours and listened to the selected Hotel California..
You're funny!

Oh! do go to that concert and have a good time ;p

Kak Teh said...

who is the singer? But then again, i dont know most singers these days. But i do know Jo fo Too Phat will be in London tomorrow until sunday.

Ms B said...


I know! I remember back then my hours were way much longer and the stress level reached the top of the roof but there was nothing to mitigate them.

Hmm, now i feel the reason they hire such good looking men here is to reduce our stress level. A bad day at work may not necessarily bad after all. *LOL*

Ms B said...


If I have an extra digit in my account, probably ur option sounds wise. *grins* but at the moment, the budget only includes ticket, snacks before the concert and travelling costs ie tube.

and as for the one who sees through his lenses, I think it is costly to get him as he is way up north.

Ms B said...

Hi inah,

Oh u know, the one who always wears his hat while he sings and usually plays his guitar. My friends said, "it's a girl thing". cheh!

Come to think of it, they are never game to watch any shows. movies, shopping or football are fine. *rolling eyes*

Ms B said...


I have to make an effort to cheer myself up as the job can be whacky! *grins* as for the concert, I am seriously considering of going by myself. it is not far from my place ie perhaps a few tube stations away.

Hope ur boy had a great time on his bday!

Ms B said...

Kak teh,

Not from msia lah kak. Nanti i text. U teman I lah, nak??? Or maybe can ask ur girl?

ms curvy said...

With that look, hmm.. what a motivation. Nd not go to anthony robbins seminar!

AporN said...


If it is Mr Big, u can definitely drag my leg (or neck for that matter) to accompany you!

But again, draggin me all the way from Dubai can be daunting task.

Ms B said...

ms curvy,

with colleagues like that, the hours feel short. it's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning.

Ms B said...


unfortunately, it's not Mr Big but i shall keep that in mind. Hang on. why on earth would i want your neck for? but wouldnt mind if the lips were on the menu. *LOL* (obviously the stress level has gone way up, added by the caffeine overdose.)

a few of my colleagues travel to and fro dubai on weekly basis. I reckon they spend more time on a plane than in a car.

darlene said...

it's unfair your project manager looks like that ......... *sighs*

Ms B said...


the hidden perks of the long and stressful hours. *naughty thoughts*