Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quick update

It feels as if this place has been abandoned given my last post was two months ago. Lots of things were happening at the same time which gave me no room to write. Our 7 week holiday was pretty hectic with trips to the parks and centres as well as covering some serious matters. When we got back to London, the young lady was about to start high school and we were busy trying to sort things; uniforms, music lessons etc.

I shall write in detail of our fabulous and not-so-relaxing vacation. In addition, her life as a Trinian has been quite an eye-opener and that deserves a post on its own. FYI, the mother of her new best buddy from school happens to be a designer and has a number of celebrities as her client. (I must visit her place!)

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The Momster said...

whoaa... glamorous! look forward to the update!

p.s. i've abandoned my blog too! *sigh*