Friday, November 04, 2011


I am back!! *smiles*

Our home broadband was up and running since yesterday and I must say that the speed is one those things that I miss when I am back in Malaysia. Our place feels homely with pictures and adornments placed on shelves and walls. Her red bookshelf couldnt cope with her collection and they have occupied the corridor's spare shelf. I figured out how to set up the home theatre system (someone should have warned me that the speakers' base weight a tonne!) and all the channels are crystal clear.

As we will be hosting our house-warming this Sunday, I have started the preparation by making kerisik from scratch today. We are changing the menu slightly. Instead of soto, we will probably make nasi jagung which will go well with salad for my vegetarian friends. Pulut is a must and the young lady looks forward to it. Not forgetting chicken rendang and beef curry.

Happy Eid everyone!

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The Momster said...

Sounds lovely! Photos plz :)