Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan thoughts

This is our first Ramadan here in six years and it feels different in many ways. I appreciate the moments share with my loved ones but at the same time I miss the simplicity of fasting atmosphere in London. Being in company where one must think many times before expressing one’s thoughts and feelings, I slowly find myself longing for a place where I can define as my sanctuary. In between my hectic schedule, I squeeze in private outings to nearby ‘mamak’ or cafes to get a sip of ‘teh tarik’ or mocha on my own.

While enjoying my drink, I usually find myself lost in my own world reflecting on life and the journey taken so far. I have received mixed reactions but most of them were positive. There are things that I do not share with others but I think it’s a natural act for everyone not to disclose everything. To the handful who knows more, they understand my course of actions pretty well.

There are times that I find myself stuck in giving my views as it may be perceived as strong. I haven’t mastered the art of hitting around the bush and tend to give an honest view. Take for example an invitation to meet people from the past, if a person had an experience of ‘bad reunion’, they simply ask up front if we would be comfortable to meet and if not, it is ok if we want to avoid. Sometimes if I have given similar thoughts on the subject before, I usually avoid giving an opinion again, fearing it may not be what the listener wants.

Of course not many would see it that way.

Anyway, I hope you have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. Take this opportunity to reflect and appreciate what we have. Often we are caught in our busy life that small things tend to be neglected

ps: To Ms Khairunnisa, I havent forgotten your questions. I will try to answer them in due course.


Jumper said...

It's OK to be bold. Hitting around the bush is not cool anymore. People has somehow mastered the art of questioning boldly, "what's your point?"

Ramadhan Kareim, Ms B.

The Momster said...

A blessed Ramadhan to you and l'il B as well! Hope you're enjoying yourself to bits here!

toughcookie said...

i get what you mean about not wanting to give your opinions. i would always tell myself that but in many cases, i find myself saying out my thoughts, which would sometimes conjure negative reactions. but at least i know my intentions are sincere and i'm being honest... my conscience is clear, at least.

have a blessed ramadhan & raya celebration nanti...

IDB said...

hello dear!
eventhough i havent left a comment here for ages, i have been following your posts :) life has been rather busy with me back to work now.

anywaym i hope you're having a good time filling yourself with yummy nasi lemak kerang back home

keep us posted will ya?

happy ramadhan to you and lil B!

Ms B said...


Maybe I should try that someday ie 'whats your point?' :D I bet eyebrows will raise. LOL!

Ms B said...


We stopped going to pasar ramadan already. Malas! :) I miss my stove. sigh....

Ms B said...


It can be delicate to advise on some matters as we know that it wont be a win-win situation. The right course of action is usually hard to follow. I try to minimise giving my opinions as I dont want to be seen as repeating myself. Let the listener takes his or her time to digest the earlier words given.

Ms B said...


I know you are a leading actress in your so-called hospital drama. ;) You should find a nice title like greys, private practice, mercy, house etc.

Take care yeah. I hope you are enjoying ramadan there. I miss london terribly. .'(